What are the fire pits coated with?

Our fire pits are coated in a premium high heat resistant industrial spray applied in 2 coats and baked in an industrial oven to 800 degrees Celsius after each coat to ensure that the physical and mechanical properties of the system are achieved.

This contributes towards rust prevention and a lengthier period of maintenance free usage of your fire pit.

This also sets our fire pits apart from the competitors whose coatings wear a lot faster.

What is the difference between mild steel and stainless steel?

Mild steel is more corrosive than stainless steel and a rust patina will develop in time where the coating wears off.

We use a grade of stainless steel that has anti rust properties and as such it will last longer than the mild steel versions, especially in coastal areas.

steel types for fire pits

If I buy the mild steel fire pit and some rust appears after wear and tear is there anything I can do?

We like the rust patina on outdoor products, but if you don’t like it you can wipe it off with lemon juice.

We can also do on-site touch ups of the coating if you would like to get rid of it altogether.

Will the hardwood fire pit lids fade?

Yes, if untreated the hardwood will fade to a natural grey which many people prefer.

If you want to preserve the rich colour of the wood you can oil it with a decking oil a couple of times a year.

Can the fire pits be left out all year around?

Yes, they are designed to be extremely durable and have drainage holes so as to not fill up with water.

We do recommend the weather cover especially if you have a wooden lid, to increase longevity.

Can the fire pit be placed on a wooden deck or ceramic tiles?

We have a modification we can do to the fire pit which insulates the base with an industrial material which radically reduces the heat.

Although we have not had any problems on decks and tiles with this modification we cannot guarantee there won’t be some scorching or heat damage.

Can I use any fire lighters?

We do not recommend using fire lighters with accelerants in them as they can damage the coating. We love these eco fire lighters made from used coffee beans (recycled) by Firefly Biofuel.